Wing Power

This is a wind powered electric generator made from recycled aircraft wings. The wing moves up and down the pylon which movement drives its generator. Depending on wind speed lift is produced either by the aerodynamic shape of the wing - in strong air current or by tilting the wing on its axis in light current. Once reaching the top of the pylon it is propelled back down by a combination of its own weight and by reversing the tilt so the wind's force drives it downward. Electricity is generated by any up or down movement of the wing. The recycled wings are modified by removing engine mounts, unnecessary controls and hydraulics and by filling the fuel chambers with helium. The 5,000 M2 wing tops

are covered with solar panels molded to the wings contour. [ twice the surface of a tennis court just the solar generator will produce between 5 MW and 8 MW per hour - more than twice the power produced by the largest wind generators].






In fact, compared to a propeller driven wind generator wings (with their solar skin, rising and falling in a steady breeze are projected to generate more electricity than the very largest wind turbines of today - at a capital investment of less than one third and considerably cheaper maintenance). We also believe wings will be preferable to turbines for these reasons: 1 - While many conider wind generators to be unsightly an even greater disadvantage is that the pressure booming they create renders the ground they occupy to be uninhabitable by humans and unhealthy for animals. Turbines kill hundreds of thousands of birds each year. Wings, on the other hand, might capture the public imagination reminiscent of their romance with

the aeroplane and flight. Ground occupied by wings is no less environmentally agreeable than any other ground.
2 - Wing generators are projected to have a much longer service life than industrial turbines. 3 - Wing generators will be far greener than turbans on the additional grounds that they will be produced largely from recycled components.



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