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Tanker Raft - Floating City

Are you familiar with the phrase, "Glacier Management"? No? Not to worry I made it up. Along with that I predict that if it does not soon become as commonplace as say "Parks Management" then we will certainly have to endure the phenominon of "Glacier Extinction" Note: The water that quenches half a billion of us started off in mountain glaciers. And the water that begins to raise the oceans above their sea walls is being released from glaciers at the two poles. Here's an example of what glacier management might entail - for Horizontal Glagiers.
1 - Doze the top of a glacier until it is pretty smooth (i.e. CLICK)
2 - Further smooth the surface by pretending it is a massive ice rink
(i.e. CLICK)
3 - Nail double facing reflective plastic filament
onto the freshly smoothed ice.
Then from time to time send in the Glacier Maintenance Crew to make certain the filament is holding up and the glacier getting on as well as can be expected. This should keep it alive until 'they' decide to tackle global warming.

Here for Vertical Glaciers. Contact


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In 1990 Elf Aquitain, the French petroleam company, sponsored a design competition looking to come up with a solution for their single skin tankers (they were moving to the safer double skin tankers), but wanted to find an alternative to scrapping their retiring tankers on the beaches of Bangladesh, resulting in the discharge of tons of toxic materials into the sea and onto the beaches. Our design was for creating a 6 tanker raft, in which only the centre rear tanker was engined - the hulls were connected via energy generating absorbent structures, powering electric steering motors in the foward external huls. Designed either for hauling water/ goods south, raw materials/grain/minerals/ general cargo north OR for providing housing for an experimental floating community [´experimental` in the sense that if global warming is not reversed, melting glaciers will raise our oceans to submerge virtually all coastal settlement - might as well begin trying alternate survival methods.]. We won an honourable mention.

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